Houston, Tx

As seasoned operators of industrial properties and an investment firm, Turner & McKiernan’s sale-leaseback strategy allows us to provide capital to approved sellers that allows them a cash injection without interrupting daily operations.

What is Sales-Leaseback?

Sale-leaseback’s are essential financial arrangements that can free up capital tied up in real estate and improve the overall financial liabilities allowing for stronger borrowing power for the business. By moving forward with a strong sales-leaseback opportunity, your business can unlock equity and generate the capital needed for acquisitions, inventory, expansion efforts, or other strategic needs.


Turner & McKiernan Sales-Leaseback Strategy

We approach sales-leaseback differently than the competition. It starts with quickly qualifying clients and developing a proven strategy that works for all parties. We also work with proven strong credit clients to procure commercial assets at fair market value. In addition, we offer attractive terms and flexible scenarios, benefiting the client now and in the long term. Another point that separates us from other is being able to efficiently enable companies to generate capital by organizing a fair market purchase and leasing the asset back to them.