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About Turner & McKiernan

Turner & Mckiernan is a commercial real estate investment company specializing in industrial real estate. We pride ourselves in being the creators and developers of generational wealth; achieved through unmatched insight and vast experience. The cornerstone of our business comes down to two basic principles: Provide historic returns for our partners and create lasting positive environments for our communities.

Trust, integrity, clarity, and peace of mind are at the forefront of our every transaction. We work to an incredible level of detail; we conservatively underwrite each deal using our own proprietary metrics to ensure profitability even I the worst-case scenario. We value not only our clients but the partners we transact with. The motivation is to perform at a high level and go out of our way to ensure fair transactions with cooperating sellers, vendors, brokers, and investors. Ignorance is not an excuse; we continue to educate and improve ourselves and our team. It is our job to account for market change, data security, litigation risks, tax strategy and proper portfolio integration. Our names are on the door with purpose; therefore, our career, reputation, certifications, and licenses are on the line.


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Chris Turner

Chris has earned a reputation of trustworthiness and success. Throughout Chris’s 14-year career he has founded, operated, and managed several successful industrial serv...

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Patrick McKiernan

Patrick is an industrial real estate expert known throughout the Texas markets for his honesty and direct communication. He has focused solely on the industrial real estate sector and has consisten...